Krajevna skupnost Adlešiči

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Local community ADLEŠIČI, Adlešiči 13, 8341 Adlešiči
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Members of the local council Adlesici:

  • Peter Veselič (chairman of the Board)
  • Andrej Klepec (under-chairman)
  • Sanja Selakovič (secretary)
  • Marjan Miketič (Board member)
  • Ines Jakljevič (Board member)
  • Miroslav Rožman (Board member)
  • Nikolaj Vrlinič (Board member)

Contact us ...

You can phone us on 031-397-700 (Peter Veselic, the chairman of Board) or send us email on:
You can also send us message using the contact form. We will reply to your messages as soon as possible.

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