Krajevna skupnost Adlešiči

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Local community Adlešiči

Adlešiči is the border village on the south-east of Slovenia, in Bela krajina, municipality of Črnomelj. The village is located near the border river Kolpa. Bela krajina is a country of white birches and friendly people who love their modest land and time in which even their ancestors lived. Tourists can discover many exciting things here. Adlesici offer in such a small area a remarkable mosaic of ethnology, folklore, biodiversity, landscape and cultural diversity as well as a large number of natural goods.

Local community Adlešiči is known by its ethnological tradition, especially preserving folk customs and handicrafts. We are proud of the fact that locals in Adlešiči keep producing home linen under the old procedure, embroidery and Easter eggs of Bela krajina. Folklore in Adlešiči has more than 100-years tradition, which began around 1908.Cultural-Artistic community "Božo Račič" unites more than 50 members and operates in seven sections: folklore group, tambourine group, a veteran group of tambourine, singing group Oktet Prelo, vocal group of Kresnice-predice, younger singing group Kresnice and culinary section Pčkarke and successfully preserves the folk tradition of the place of indigenous folk costume.

Nastop KUD Božo Račič na Jurjevanju
Tamburaši KUD
Oktet Prelo

Discover Adlešiči

Tourists are welcomed by kind people, with a convincing touch of past-time, that modern time didn't override. The local community Adlešiči offers a natural swimming pool with a stone dam - Tržkov slap and it is famous as one of the most beautiful along the river Kolpa. The swimming pool is also suitable for kids and non-swimmers.Camping land Jankovič (Stari pod) offers opportunity for camping and canoeing or rafting. Rafting is a little rarer here, because tourists prefer canoeing during the summer.Visitors that don't prefer camping can overnight in common beds or wooden Glamping houses - villas that offer comfort, home feeling and beauty of nature at the same time.

Glamping hiška
Kamp Jankovič - šotorišče
Stari pod

You also have an option to overnight at Tourist-excursion farm Grabrijan, where it is taken care for hungry visitors by homemade bread, wine and brandy. Because of the wineyards around the Adlešiči, cyclists, walkers, sports and similar are welcome here. During the summer months the river Kolpa is very popular for swimming and many other water sports.

Along the river there are several mills and sawmills. In Pobrezje Kuzma's home near the natural swimming pool and camping land with mill from 16th century shows you how ancestors here produced flour by grounding the white with millstones.Adlešiči is located in Kolpa Landscape. Its primary purpose is preserving the natural values, biodiversity, landscape diversity and providing measures to ensure the conservation of Natura 2000 and other ecologically important areas.

In Adlešiči there is also a permanent exhibition of handicrafts. By visiting the Museum of folk embroidery in Slovenian - Handicraft Cvitkovič, you will experience the time, when people weren't in hurry as nowadays, the time from a couple of decades ago. You will learn about processing of flax, enlivened by taking a look at activities and products from each house in Bela krajina. You will also try writting Bela krajina Easter eggs, which are famous far around the world and are the most typical especially for Adlešiči.

Domača obrt Cvitkovič
Ročno izdelan vzglavnik, polnjen z orlovo praprotjo

Providers from local community Adlešiči offer other various homemade products and dishes. When returning home you can take eggs, knitted baskets, embroidery, napkins, unique fashion addictions, homemade honey, beesway, herbs, red and white wine, meat dishes, brandy, fruits and vegeetables, cakes, artistic wrought products etc.

We take care that time doesn't override characteristics from Bela krajina, so we keep and nurture them with love and transmit to all curious. All your worries will dissapear in a beautiful nature. Morning view of intact nature can surprise you in all seasons and gives you a power for new ventures.

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